Elbit Systems Ltd announcedit was awarded an approximately US$123 million contract from a European country for the supply of defense electronic systems for airborne applications. The contract will be performed over a four-year period.

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Saab of Sweden has received an order from Patria Land Systems Oy of Finland to deliver vehicle electronics for the information systems of AMV 8×8 armoured vehicles being delivered to South African Army.

The deliveries include a data network and operator displays plus a digital video system with cameras.

The deliveries will take place in 2014-2016.

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Selex ES has carried out multiple end-to-end tests of its BriteCloud expendable active decoy technology. BriteCloud is a self-contained digital radio frequency memory jammer for fixed-wing aircraft, providing an off-board capability to decoy radio frequency-guided missiles and fire control radars.

During the tests, which took place in the first week of February, fully functional decoys were launched from a fighter aircraft that was being tracked by ground-based fire control radar. All of the decoys performed as planned, on each occasion detecting the threat radar and jamming it with the decoy’s embedded digital radio frequency memory jammer.

The fire control radar’s lock on the fighter aircraft was immediately broken and it subsequently tracked the decoy until it impacted the ground.

Britecloud was launched November 2013 in conjunction with Saab of Sweden who is offering the decoy system as an electronic warfare enhancement option with its entire range of Gripen fighters.

BriteCloud_open1(Selex ES).

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The Malaysian company Global Komited Sdn Bhd (of the local Weststar group of companies) has been appointed by Thales to develop, promote, market, and distribute a wide range of ground-based air defence systems to the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Global Komited Sdn Bhd proposes the GK-M1 vehicle outfitted out with a lightweight multiple launcher capable to fire Thales STARStreak missiles.

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Airbus Defence and Space and Sapura Secured Technologies have signed a collaboration agreement to establish a long-term cooperation in the field of C4ISR systems (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance).

It includes the joint development of key products in the field of planning and data fusion systems for armed forces digitalisation and its commercialisation in the Asia Pacific market.

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Airbus Defence and Space has presented a new generation of electronic protection systems in a series of field tests and demonstrations that took place in a Northern European country. The newly developed electronic warfare systems which offer troops a level of protection, was demonstrated under extreme winter weather conditions.

It detects ignition signals in a fraction of a second and, in contrast to conventional jamming techniques, targets just the frequency of the hostile signal. Amongst other uses, this provides protection to vehicle convoys travelling through dangerous areas and also to explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams, against the delayed triggering of roadside bombs.

The tests also focused on jamming modern frequency-hopping radios over relatively great distances, which is only poorly supported by the jamming systems currently used.

protectsysb(Airbus Defence and Space).

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The Danish company Terma and the country’s Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) recently conducted Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) of Terma C-Guard decoy launching system onboard F363 HDMS “Niels Juel” frigate of the Royal Danish Navy.

The C-Guard System is a decoy launching system for naval platforms made to counter multiple missiles and torpedoes.

The SAT comprised live firing exercise with Chemring’s Countermeasures Mk214 Seagnat 130 mm chaff seduction round as well as Mk 216 advanced chaff distraction round decoy ammunition, fully integrated with the ship’s Terma C-Flex combat management system.

C-Guard is now operational on the two Danish frigates F362 HDMS “Peter Willemoes” and HDMS “Nields Juel” of the Iver Huitfeldt Class built by Odense Steel Shipyard. A similar test is planned later this year for F361 HDMS “Iver Huitfeldt”.

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