European missile house MBDA announced it has completed the firing campaign to validate the series production of the Milan ER anti-tank missile system.

Four firings against fixed and moving targets confirmed the performance capabilities of the firing post, of the missile as well as of the warhead. This final technical step follows the qualification of the weapon system that was achieved during the first half of 2014. MBDA will now be able to finalize the production work and deliver the first units in the spring next year, as planned.

The system is already chosen by three export customers.

mbda - milan er 01 b(MBDA).

mbda - milan er 12 b(MBDA).

MBDA Milan ER b(MBDA).

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Airbus Helicopters announced it has been awarded a contract by Thailand to deliver five EC645 T2 and two EC725 helicopters.

The Royal Thai Navy signed for five EC645 T2s to be deployed on transport duties and other missions, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2016. Its purchase represents the first export order of this militarized version of the EC145 T2.

The Royal Thai Air Force is obtaining two EC725 tactical transport rotorcraft for SAR/CSAR (Search and Rescue/Combat Search and Rescue) missions, operating from Wing 2 at Lop Buri AFB in Lop Buri Province. These aircraft will be provided in 2017, joining the four previously-ordered EC725 helicopters booked in 2012 for deliveries from 2015.

EC725_EXPH-0050-09-1_b(Airbus Helicopters).

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CAE announced it has been awarded contracts by the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) to support synthetic training devices used to train crews of SH-2G(I) Super Seasprite helicopter.

Under terms of the contracts, CAE will perform updates to an existing Full Mission Flight Simulator (FMFS) and Part Task Trainer (PTT) that the NZDF is acquiring as part of a acquisition of ten helicopters from Kaman. Following delivery of the synthetic training devices to Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Base Auckland in Whenuapai in 2015, CAE New Zealand will provide through-life support and maintenance services through 2030.

CAE will immediately commence major updates and obsolescence management to the existing FMFS and PTT being acquired by the NZDF from Kaman. In addition to updates to the host computer, sensor systems, tactical environment and the instructor operator station, the simulator update will include the addition of the latest generation Medallion-6000 image generator and the common database architecture.

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Thales Communications & Security was awarded a contract to supply the Qatar Armed Forces with a military satellite communications system.

The ground segment supplied by the company will provide Qatari ground and naval forces with a long-range communications capability to enhance national security and protect vital interests.

The military satcom network complements existing military radio communications systems. Thales Communications & Security will supply the systems needed to transmit and receive communications via satellite, and to process data on the ground. The solution is built around the company’s System 21 technology to provide secure, high-data-rate transmissions.

A network operations centre will be used for planning and managing the complete system. The solution will be interoperable with in service communication systems.

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The Wiesel 2 tracked tactical protected vehicle of Rheinmetall Defence configured as a self-propelled 120 mm mobile mortar system has been presented at the International Artillery 2014 Symposium hosted at the German Army’s Artillery School on 8 October 2014.

A total of 20 mobile systems were ordered by the German procurement arm for use in Afghanistan by German troop. Along the 120 mm mortar; the system feature vehicle’s fire control system & display console.

unnamedGG(Stefan Nitschke).

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The Royal Air Force (RAF) is now flying the most advanced configuration of Typhoon combat aircraft.

The aircraft known as Phase 1 Enhancements (P1E) is now in operational service following the largest ever fighter upgrade programme delivered by the British firm BAE Systems.

The upgrade package delivers a range of enhancements to the Typhoon aircraft. Developed by BAE Systems working together with its Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug partner companies, the RAF and United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, the capabilities introduced have been developed on the back of operations in Libya.

The aircraft upgrades include enhanced computing power, weapons systems integration advancements and improved sensor suites. The enhancements package delivers much more flexibility in mission planning, andallows a single pilot, in a single aircraft to simultaneously attack six different targets in one pass.

The PE1b package also brings upgrades for the aircraft’s defensive aids sub system and the latest interoperability updates for the multifunction information and distribution systems (MIDS).

The first fifteen P1E standard aircraft are now in service with the RAF with a further 18 to be delivered by 1st April 2015.


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Saab of Sweden has received an order for role equipment intended forbGripen E fighter, along with support and maintenance equipment.

The value of the order placed by the Swedish procurement arm FMV amounts to approximately SEK5.8 billion.

The order is part of Saab’s existing agreement covering activity for the Gripen E from 2013 to 2026. Delivery will begin in 2016.

This is the fourth order under the Gripen E aircraft agreement between Saab and FMV announced on 15 February 2013. Three earlier orders, linked to the development and production of Gripen E combat aircraft, were received during 2013.

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