Mandus Group has completed the development of a mobile, lightweight, compact and modular truck-mounted 105mm howitzer which can be mounted on wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles.

The weapon system called Hawkeye has been trialed integrated in a Mack Defense/Renault Trucks Defense SHERPA Light Carrier 4×4 light armoured vehicle.

For fire control purposes, Hawkeye can be fitted with automatic digital navigation systems including Selex Galileo LINAPS (Laser Inertial Artillery Pointing System) navigation system) artillery pointing system, incorporating a Selex Galileo FIN3110 laser-gyro inertial navigation unit.

The Hawkeye has the ability to traverse 360 degrees and has an elevation range between -5º to +66º. It can fire a standard projectile 11,500 meters and can max out its range to 15,100 meters with a rocket-assisted projectile. A three-man crew can fire the howitzer at a rate of ten to twelve 105mm rounds a minute and sustain a pace of six rounds per minute during extended firing.

(Mandus Group Ltd).

(Mandus Group Ltd).


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