A brief on Chile´s PVP vehicles.

(Panhard General Defense)

(Panhard General Defense).

In May of 2010, PVP (Petit Véhicule Protégé) light wheeled tactical protected vehicles were shipped to Chile to equip the country´s Cuerpo de Infantería de Marina (CIM) marine corps. Eight patrol vehicles and a single ambulance configured vehicles were accepted prior the shipment.

The five tonnes class vehicles were purchased to French firm Panhard General Defense according a contract placed by the Chilean Ministry of Defence in July 2009. The contract included maintenance training services along the 9 vehicles. Chilean personnel were also trained on the operation of the 4×4 design. The large part of the fleet is used by Chilean troops in Haiti´s MINUSTAH peacekeeping mission (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti).

The Chilean´s eight patrol vehicles are fitted with PL80 protected manned weapon station which could be armed with a machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, Nexter Munitions GALIX grenade dischargers (which fires Etienne Lacroix made grenades) and a long range acoustic device. The MEDEVAC (MEDical EVACuation) vehicle is fitted with a medical kit developed by France´s Société Rollon, grenade launchers and the long range acoustic warning/loud-hailing system. Both types include additional ballistic protection and lashing rings. The vehicle is powered by an Iveco Motors F1C diesel engine which is coupled to a ZF Friedrichshafen AG 4 HP22 automatic transmission. It includes also a central tire inflation system (CTIS) from Teleflow and a climate control system. It can be transported by heavy helicopter or transport aircraft.

The vehicles were ordered after an international tender who included an offer from Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi AŞ. The Turkish firm of local Koç industrial group presented its Cobra design which is in service in several countries including Turkey, Slovenia, Georgia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh.

The PVP was so far procured by France and Togo. French procurement agency DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) brought 1.133 units in different contracts and is expected to order further 100 vehicles in current 2012. The DGA delivered in early June its 993rd PVP to the French Army (Armée de Terre). The Togolese Army has received from Panhard General Defense a total of six patrol vehicles along with comprehensive quantities of TC54 medium tactical transport trucks.

PVP is available in several configurations tailored for different missions including for traffic-control tasks, engineers, electronic warfare units, homeland security forces, mine-clearing teams, weapon carrier, unmanned aircraft system remote-control post (ex. French Army´s Cassidian DRAC/Tracker), communications, ambulance and command post.

The PVP range also comprises PVP HD and PVP XL variants. PVP multi-purpose design is also proposed by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH (RMMV) under the designation of Gavial.

To fit vehicles in service in Afghanistan since 2009, the DGA procured to Panhard General Defense several WASP (Weapon under Armor for Self-Protection) lightweight remote controlled weapon stations whish are equipped with ODIN sighting system from Sagem SA (of Safran group). PVP is also in service with French troops in Lebanon.

Panhard General Defense range of products includes also Hornet remote weapon station, VBL and VBL Mk2 , VBR, CRAB, SPHINX, TC24, protected TC54, VPS, VAP, ERC 90 NG Sagaie and A3F vehicles and as well as the BvS 10 Mk2 (locally known as VHM) in cooperation with BAE Global Combat Systems Vehicles for the French market. France procured a first batch of 53 VHM vehicles in three variants (RANG, LOG and CP).

The company has been recently acquired by Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) which is owned by Swedish Volvo AB group.


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