Rheinmetall Defence announced it has developed the Vingmate MR 500 fire control device, with the new technology being unveiled at AUSA 2015 event. It is available immediately to meet the US Army’s current and future sighting requirements for the M320 project the company added.

This innovative device gives the operator a significantly improved first-shot hit capability at all ranges, resulting in increased lethality and efficiency, the company said.

Vingmate MR 500 device is a manually adjusted clip-on aiming system specifically developed for low- and medium-velocity 40mm grenade launchers and shoulder launched rockets. The device incorporates an infrared target marker and illuminator and weighs only 300 grams. It is suitable for both underslung and standalone grenade launchers. The system can also store 32 ballistic tables, two of which can be selected using a dedicated selector switch.

The MR 500 is suitable for left-handed and right-handed shooters, and is powered by a CR123 battery. If desired, the MR 500 can communicate with external devices.

Rheinmetall-MR500_b(Rheinmetall Defence).


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