RT LTA Systems Ltd unveils its communications solution for its SkyStar 100 mini aerostat at AUSA 2015 event. The compact solution enables small forces in the field to instantly communicate during emergencies in any terrain.

The new solution is the result of a strategic cooperation agreement between RT LTA Systems Ltd and Syntonics LLC.

SkyStar 100 aerostat has been equipped with the FORAX (Fiber Optic Remote Antenna eXtension) mini high antennas for radio communications that delivers an extended range for radio communications.

It enables the lofting of a radio’s antenna as high as 150 m, is easily changed in the field, can be snapped on in seconds, and operates with any push-to-talk radio, making it universally configurable for tactical or emergency applications.

At the exhibition, RT LTS Systems Ltd will also announce innovations in the capabilities of the larger aerostats SkyStar 180 and 330. These aerostats will now be able to carry multiple payloads simultaneously, and to integrate electro-optical and communication systems.

HARC_Antenna_Below_Aerostat b(RT LTA Systems Ltd).


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