According to information recently delivered by Finish company Patria Land Systems, the company’s AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle) 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle is suited to accommodate a wide range of turreted (remotely or manually operated) systems that comprise KPS Protector, SAAB Trackfire (12.7mm or Orbital ATK LW25/7.62 combination), BAE Systems Bofors Lemur, OTO Melara HITROLE, Elbit Systems Land & C4I ORCWS, Patria Land Systems PML, KPS Protector MCT 30, Rheinmetall Defence E4, Rheinmetall Defence Lance, OTO Melara HITFIST (25mm or 30mm automatic cannon ), GDLS LAV-25/30, Denel Land Systems LCT 30 (options also for 60mm mortar system and Ingwe anti-tank guided missile), Elbit Systems Land & C4I UT-series, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Samson MkI, BAE Systems Hägglunds E35, EVPÚ Defence Turra, BMP-3 100/30mm, CMI Defence Cockerill 3090 and Cockerill 3105, Patria Land Systems AMOS and NEMO (with KPS Protector Super Lite remote system) 120m mortar systems, Huta Stalowa Wola RAK 120mm mortar system, as well as launcher for Lockheed Martin/Raytheon Hellfire anti-tank missile.

The AMV is proposed in two different hull lengths and as three different models. It is currently fielded by Sweden, Poland, Finland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Croatia.

Patria AMV XP IFV b(Patria Land Systems).


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