Elbit Systems ISTAR has developed the Skylark 3 mini-unmanned aircraft system, best suited for brigades and divisions aimed to perform reconnaissance, counterinsurgency and force protection missions, as well as for use in a range of civil applications, such as border and coastal security and anti-terror operations. The new system has already been selected by an undisclosed customer.

Skylark 3 offers a wide range of system enhancements, including a range of more than 100km, flight endurance of up to 6h and payload capacity of up to 10kg. Launched via a pneumatic launcher, mounted either on the ground or on a vehicle, Skylark 3 offers upgrades such as improved payloads with better target detection, classification and surveillance capabilities.

The vehicle incorporates an electric motor which reduces sound signature and enables operating over long distances and at high altitudes, has a 4.8m wingspan and a maximum takeoff weight of 45kg. It has a service ceiling of 15,000ft.

Through a shared ground control station, two air vehicles can be assigned to the same mission simultaneously, meaning a consistent target acquisition is maintained from two aspects.

SK3 b(Elbit Systems ISTAR).

SK-3 b(Elbit Systems ISTAR).


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