Astronautics C.A. Ltd is introducing its artillery battle management system. The Command, Control, Communication and Computer Intelligence (C4I) system enables accuracy in the management of artillery, provides real-time presentation of the battlefield situation layered on the digital map, locates friendly and enemy forces thus reducing the probability of friendly fire, distributes targets, and enables mission planning. The system combines the navigation capabilities and position of the field gun, headquarters, tactical communications officers, and additional support system solutions in a system managed by a single entity.

It is composed of the automated tactical artillery control system that provides accurate navigation information and precise cannon targeting, and significantly shortens the readiness time; the forward observer system that transmits the target data and fire missions to the Battalion & Battery fire direction centers; The Battery fire direction center designed to perform ballistic calculations for each individual gun in a battery, for up to 8 guns and provides real-time presentation of the location on the battlefield of friendly and enemy forces and target distribution; The Battalion fire direction center; and the Battalion & Brigade fire support elements.

Astronautics-ScreenShot b(Astronautics C.A. Ltd).


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