CI Systems has developed and advanced weapon boresight system. It has a wide range of barrel adapters suitable for all barrels – from a diameter of 7.62 mm, to 40 mm, 125 mm, and 155 mm to fit multiple platforms form assault rifles through grenade launchers, heavy weaponry, tanks and artillery. It aligns armament barrel with weapon sight using the fire control systems to dramatically increase first hit probability.

The system consists of a control unit, power unit, optical unit, gun interface, a camera, and an optional ruggedized monitor.

Utilizing a high-resolution CCD video camera to allow alignment from a safe distance from the gunner’s post, the system provides an easy to use, fast, accurate and reliable tool for boresighting.

Its rugged design retains the accuracy of the system over a wide range of environmental conditions.

Features include an electronically-produced and adjustable crosshair, and a programmable crosshair pattern.

CI Systems AWBS b(CI Systems).


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