As part of the DESCARTES 1 programme to upgrade all French Ministry of Defence data and telephony infrastructure networks, the French Ministry of Defence armament procurement organization (DGA) has awarded two contracts to Thales for the upgrade of the SOCRATE resilient network and deployment of the POINCARE network to interconnect Ministry of Defense’s sites in metropolitan France and overseas.

Under the contract to upgrade the SOCRATE network, which is a core component of the infrastructure, Thales will provide a resilient and scalable high-data-rate network.

The upgraded network will interconnect over 250,000 users at more than 100 strategic sites, including Hexagone-Balard, the new Ministry of Defence headquarters in Paris.

Comprising 270 routers, 10,000 km of fibre-optic cable and more than 100 pieces of high-capacity optical equipment, the network will also incorporate the Nexium View solution from Thales.

Nexium View will enable the Ministry of Defence’s information technology communications agency (DIRISI) to supervise all aspects of the network in real-time, respond faster to incidents and anticipate their impact on operations.

Thales has also been awarded the POINCARE contract, in partnership with NextiraOne, to securely interconnect the Ministry of Defence’s 1,200 sites in mainland France and overseas.

Deliveries under the SOCRATE upgrade contract will begin in 2017 and will continue until 2021. Roll-out of the POINCARE network will be complete in 2018.

SOCRATE b(Thales).


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