At the end of March 2016 at Fogo Island in Canada, CAMCOPTER S-100 unmanned air system of Schiebel Elektronische Geraete GmbH demonstrated its capabilities to Canadian Coast Guard, the Royal Canadian Navy, Transport Canada, the Canadian National Research Council and the University of Alaska in partnership with the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

During trials, the aircraft equipped with the L-3 Wescam MX-10S payload camera, demonstrated its operational value and mission effectiveness in open waters under icy winter conditions.

The CAMCOPTER S-100 was deployed aboard the CCGS George R. Pearkes, a light icebreaker of the Canadian Coast Guard. About 60 nautical miles north from Fogo Island, the vessel broke through the ice at speeds of up to 14 knots, guided by imagery from the unmanned aircraft.

The flight tests included multiple takeoffs and landings in winter conditions. One goal of the trials was the enhancement of situational awareness by transmitting pictures directly and in real time to the ship’s bridge.

CAMCOPTER_S-100_156 b(Schiebel Elektronische Geraete GmbH).


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