CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd and CONTROP USA are introducing new generation of T-STAMP (Triple-STAbilizedMiniature Payload) day/night gyro-stabilized miniature sensor.

The new T-STAMP observation system provides higher resolution image that allows for longer range operations. The system was designed for small unmanned aircraft systems, vertical take-off and landing systems, hovering aerial systems, aerostats and other lightweight aircraft.

It maintains the same low weight of 3.3 kg with an improved infrared camera which has a cooled detector and optical zoom lens of 180 mm, therefore providing two thirds better focal length in the same lightweight three gimbal package. It includes a cooled infrared camera with a continuous zoom lens, a day camera and an optional laser pointer all in a compact camera payload which can be mounted in nose-mount, belly-mount or top-mount configurations.

CONTROP T-STAMP on Bluebird SpyLite b(CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd).

CONTROP T-STAMP TAKING OFF on Aeronautics Orbiter 3 b(CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd).


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