Elbit Systems announced it has performed a series of demonstration flights using the company’s BrightNite multi-spectral observation system. The goal of the flights was to demonstrate the systems’ performance in degraded visual environment conditions, in moonless, pitch dark nights, in which flights are rarely executed. Dozens of pilots from a variety of air forces around the globe participated in the demo flights, which took place in Israel. During the demonstration flights, the system provided the helicopter pilots with night-piloting capabilities similar and even exceeding to those of attack helicopters.

BrightNite delivers the essential data directly to both eyes of the pilot, enabling intuitive flight in a head-up, eyes-out orientation in pitch dark and other degraded visual environment conditions. It is comprised of non-gimbaled uncooled forward looking infrared and highly sensitive complementary metal-oxide semiconductor sensors.

Elbit Systems BrightNite b(Elbit Systems).

Elbit Systems BrightNite Pilot b(Elbit Systems).


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