The combat frigate BNS Louise-Marie (F391) recently arrived to its homeport in Zeebruges, Belgium after the surface ship was modernized in Den Helder, The Netherlands as part of the Instandhouding Programma M-Fregat (IP-MF) program aimed for the modernization of four Type M frigates fielded by the Royal Netherlands Navy (2) and Belgium Naval Component (2).

The second front line ship of the Belgium Naval Component has received a new front mast system built by the Marinebedrijf (shipyard of the Royal Netherland Navy) and equipped with sensors by Thales Nederland. A first ship, BNS Léopold I (F390) earlier received a similar update.

The new front mast was equipped with Thales Nederland Seastar X-band surveillance radar, Thales Nederland Gatekeeper electro-optical security system and Thales APX electronic warfare system.

Other improvements include new helicopter deck & hangar to be fitted for NH90 NFH helicopter, upgrade of auxiliaries according to latest environmental requirements, and new combat management system.

The Thales Nederland STIR 1.8 fire control systems and Thales Nederland SMART-S Mk 1 search radar were kept onboard.

SAM_3934 b


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