Indra Sistemas and Lockheed Martin recently demonstrated the first phase of integration of new a solid state S-band radar system being developed for the future F-110 multi-mission frigates of Spanish Navy. The test was part of the technology development phase in the joint development of this next generation radar system.

During the demonstration, both completed the integration of Indra Sistemas’ digital transmit receive modules into Lockheed Martin’s solid state phased array antenna

The Spanish Navy operates five Álvaro de Bazán-class frigates, which are equipped with the Lockheed Martin Aegis combat system and SPY-1 radar. F-110 frigates will include the introduction of an evolved combat management system and new solid-state S-band radar system

Following the demonstration, both companies signed a contract under which Lockheed Martin will support Indra Sistemas during the technology development phase of the project that will culminate in 2020 with the demonstration of a full engineering development model of an integrated solid state S-band radar for the future Spanish frigate.

unjhnamed b(Lockheed Martin).


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