ELBIT Systems of Israel announced it will unveil several new solutions and systems at the incoming Eurosatory 2016 international defence and security event to be held in Paris, France in June.

The company’s display will include IronVision helmet-mounted display for armored fighting vehicles; SupervisIR panoramic situational awareness system; Primrose miniaturized remote wireless sensors; new ground surveillance radar systems; and advanced infrastructure for tactical C4I.

The IronVision 360-degree panoramic situational awareness system, enable enables tank and infantry crewmen to ‘see-through’ their vehicle’s armor. The new ground surveillance radars were designed to deliver wide-area persistent surveillance coverage in day/night for detection, recognition and tracking at short to long ranges, in any terrain. The advanced infrastructure enables forces to maintain the flow of tactical multimedia and data information over tactical networks, providing the complete application platform for any C4I requirement

Elbit Systems Foxtrack radar b(ELBIT Systems).

Elbit Systems Rattler G_Coral CR b(ELBIT Systems).

Elbit Systems Skylark I-LEX b(ELBIT Systems).


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