Meprolight will supply thousands of MEPRO MOR reflex sights to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The MEPRO MOR was selected in a tender that includes ongoing maintenance and quick delivery. This win was achieved as the company completes deliveries to the IDF of a previous order for thousands of MEPRO M5 red dot sights.

The MEPRO MOR is a compact, rugged, multi-purpose, multi-activated red dot reflex sight with integrated laser pointers. Designed for quick, instinctive, accurate shooting, it has a 30 mm diameter lens, ensuring rapid target acquisition with either one or both eyes open, and quick transition between long-range and close-quarter encounters.

Its large field of view enables effective operation in all weather, temperature, and light conditions. The passive self-illuminated system provides integrated day/night operation, LED for extra bright modes, two laser pointers – visible and IR, and multiple mounting options. The sight is suited for use with 5.56 mm light weapons and 7.62 mm light machine guns.

Mepro_MOR b(Meprolight).


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