Ireland’s Naval Service (INS) has selected the Chess Dynamics Sea Eagle fire control system for its new Samuel Beckett-class offshore patrol vessels.

INS has accepted the Sea Eagle system installed on the LE Samuel Beckett ship and has recently completed live firing trials on the LE James Joyce unit.

The new class, which was built by Babcock Marine, is a 90 metre vessel designed to be used for fisheries protection, search and rescue and maritime protection operations, including vessel boarding.

The Sea Eagle FCEO system controls the 76 mm OTO Melara Compact gun mounting.

It is designed to provide 24hr automatic target detection, acquisition, identification and tracking, using a long range thermal imager and daylight TV camera. The system uses a mid-wave (3-5µ) thermal imager with zoom optics, a colour TV camera, also with zoom optics and an eye-safe, high repetition rate laser range finder.

In addition to being taken into service with the Irish Naval service, Sea Eagle is also in service with the Royal Navy, Royal Thai Navy, Royal Navy of Oman, and Iraqi Navy, and is on order for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

unnamed b(INS).


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