At Eurosatory 2016 defence & security event, the German firm Rheinmetall Defence is presenting its new Lynx tracked armored infantry fighting vehicle.

The Lynx features a Rheinmetall Defence LANCE turret armed with a stabilized 30 mm or 35 mm airburst-capable automatic cannon in turret. Lynx can also be equipped with an anti-tank guided missile launcher and a remote weapon station linked to the main optics. Other fittings include diesel engine mounted in the forward section, modular armour concept, internal spall liner, mine and IED protection package, decoupled seats, active defence system, Rheinmetall Defense SEOSS digital optical system with an integrated laser range finder and fire control computer, displays, Situational awareness system featuring automatic target detection and tracking, laser warning sensor, acoustic sniper locating system, combat management system, intercom, and rubber or light metal tracks.

The new combat vehicle comes in two versions comprising the KF31 and KF41. Both vehicles can be configured for other roles including command & control, reconnaissance, repair & recovery and ambulance.

Lynx (b5)(Rheinmetall Defence).

Lynx (6 b)(Rheinmetall Defence).


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