Elbit Systems recently unveiled its IronVision helmet-mounted sight for commanders and drivers of closed-hatched armored fighting vehicles, including all types of main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

IronVision incorporates advanced see-through armor technology that lets wearers see through the armor of their vehicle in order to obtain full, real time situational awareness through which they can locate, identify and track enemy forces or capabilities..

The 360º high-resolution imagery is projected in full color and zero latency to the wearer’s visor, offering a clear and vivid display of the surroundings in both day and night and in all types of weather. The IronVision system leverages the digital infrastructure of the vehicle by seamlessly integrating see-through armor technology with existing C4I and warning systems.

The helmet and support system collects information from different digital sources within and around the vehicle. IronVision displays and tracks the positions of various features of interest, ranging from a single person standing or crawling several meters near the vehicle to a moving vehicle located 150-300 m away. By using the helmet, the wearer obtains complete freedom of movement and is able to shorten the sensor-to-shooter cycle, all while remaining fully protected under closed hatches.

Elbit Systems IronVision b(Elbit Systems).


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