Sikorsky, the Government of Turkey and members of the Turkish aerospace industry have activated contractual agreements under the Turkish Utility Helicopter Program (TUHP) to produce the T70 utility helicopter.

The agreements license TUHP prime contractor Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) to build and deliver 109 T70 helicopters over the next 10 years. Deliveries of T70 aircraft could begin as early as 2021 to the Turkish Land Forces Command, Turkish Air Forces Command, Turkish Gendarmerie Command, Special Forces, Turkish National Police Command, and the Directorate General of Forestry.

Over a 30-year timeframe, TAI also will deliver an equal number of baseline S-70i Black Hawk aircraft for export to Sikorsky.

During the latter half of 2016, Sikorsky will provide TAI with the engineering data to establish an assembly line and begin manufacturing T70 aircraft. The first Turkish-built T70 aircraft will be certified and qualified for delivery to the Turkish Government in 2021. TAI gradually will increase its manufacturing scope beyond final assembly and test to include all airframe structures and composite rotor blades. Alp Aviation, will precision-machine the dynamic components and flight controls and assemble landing gear and transmissions. Aselsan and Sikorsky will co-develop an enhanced digital cockpit known as the Integrated Modular Avionics System (IMAS); and Turkish Engine Industries (TEI) will build engines under license from General Electric (GE).

To facilitate the development and integration of the IMAS, Sikorsky will transfer to Aselsan a new S-70i Black Hawk helicopter to be utilized as the prototype TUHP for the qualification of the new avionics system in 2019. TAI will produce 89 aircraft in common utility configuration and 20 aircraft in a firefighting configuration for the Directorate General of Forestry. Delivery of all 109 T70 aircraft is to be concluded by 2026. The TUHP program is valued at approximately $3.5 billion for 109 T70 aircraft. Options exist for TAI to produce up to 600 total T70 and S-70i helicopters.


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