The French Army’s Military Schools of Saumur, EMS (Écoles Militaires de Saumur) is presently fielding a training simulation system to train the crews of AMX-10RCR 6×6 armored reconnaissance vehicle at platoon level. The system designated as STP-NG (Simulateur de Tir Peloton- Nouvelle Génération) was developed by the simulation specialist Thales Training & Simulation (TT&S). It is specifically operated by the Cavalry School (École de Cavalerie).

Scenarios provided by the STP-NG system comprise African, Middle East and central Europe databases. They include urban, desert, river, sea, mountain and forest tactical areas.

It is comprised of three 3 posts for instructors, 3 posts for commander and gunner training an three posts for driver training. The STP-NG is completed by three pots using simulated VBL 4×4 protected vehicle, three combine arms posts (engineer, artillery and infantry), and one post for captain.

The commander and gunner module include high definition 16/9 computer generated images.

DSC01421 b

DSC01425 b


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