The latest version of the British Army’s minefield breaching system, the BAE Systems Python has been fired at the British Army Training Unit (BATU) in Suffield, Canada. The system now uses an insensitive munition explosive fill, which makes it resistant to a bullet attack or other impacts that could trigger a detonation as well as improving safety for the user.

Python comprises a 230m long explosive-filled hose, which is fired into the air by a single rocket to land in a straight line in front of the towing Trojan or Terrier tracked armored vehicle. The hose then detonates to clear mines from a path at least 200m long and 7m wide. Two devices can also be used in tandem to clear a 400m long path.

Python has been in use for several years, having replaced the Giant Viper system

Also available for training purposes is a re-usable fully inert system that can be utilised with a live rocket and fired where normal safety limitations prohibit the use of high explosives.

RS43090_DSCF1943-lpr b(BAE Systems).


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