The Portuguese Navy is hosting the SWORDFISH 16 (SF16) naval training exercise since 20 June. The scenario involves the execution of crisis response operation off the Portuguese coast. The SF16 exercise is headed by Portuguese Navy Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha.

The naval exercise will conclude on 30 June. It includes the participation of Portuguese NRP Arpão attack submarine, NRP Vasco da Gama, NRP Bartolomeu Dias and NRP D. Francisco de Almeida frigates, NRP Bérrio oiler, NRP António Enes and NRP João Roby corvettes, NRP Escorpião and NRP Centauro coastal patrol ships, NRP D. Carlos I survey ship, Spanish SPS Victoria frigate, SPS Galicia landing platform dock and SPS Cazadora patrol ship, as well as French FS Premier Maitre L’Her patrol ship.

The Portuguese Navy is participating with a total of 11 ships, and combat divers and marine troops. The Portuguese Air Force is contributing with aircraft. Spain also contributes with marines. About 1600 personnel are involved.

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