Elbit Systems announced it has completed recently a trial test torpedo launch from its Seagull multi-mission, autonomous unmanned surface vessel system. The trial, performed out of Israel’s Haifa port, demonstrated the capability of Seagull to install and launch light weight torpedoes, adding to the advanced capabilities of the system, which is designed to carry out unmanned maritime missions, such as protection of critical sea areas and high-value assets against submarines and sea mine threats.

Introduced earlier this year, Seagull is a 12-meter long multi-mission unmanned system equipped with one or two vessels that can be operated and controlled in concert from manned ships or from the shore. Seagull provides multi-mission capabilities and can be employed for ASW, MCM, EW, maritime security and other related missions

It features inherent C4I capabilities for enhanced situation Awareness and has a large fuel capacity that allows it to remain at sea for several days.

Seagull torpedo trial credit Galina Kantor b(Elbit Systems).

Seagull torpedo trial credit Galina Kantor_MG_b(Elbit Systems).


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