Lockheed Martin is exploring options to bring its weapons integration expertise to bear on the European-built S-70 Black Hawk helicopters made by Sikorsky.. The goal is to produce an armed kit scalable to the requirements of customers that procure International Black Hawk aircraft direct from Lockheed Martin.

During the ongoing Farnborough International Airshow 2016, Lockheed Martin is displaying outside its pavilion an armed Black Hawk aircraft manufactured at PZL Mielec, and with the cockpit section manufactured at Aero Vodochody.

Armed external wings on either side of the displayed aircraft feature a total of four weapons stations, with launchers for a mix of Hellfire and DAGRTM air-to-ground missiles, a 19-shot Hydra-70 rocket pod, and an FN Herstal manufactured machine gun pod. For laser designating of a future weapons system, the aircraft’s cockpit chin features the INFIRNO sensor system.

Crew-served weapons inside the displayed aircraft include an FN Herstal 12.7mm machine gun mounted to the cabin floor, and window-mounted 7.62mm mini-guns. The mini-guns can also swing into a fixed forward firing position operated by the pilot.

Depending on the chosen weapons configuration, the cabin will seat troops for a combined armed assault, fire suppression and support mission. Alternatively, the cabin can store additional ammunition for the guns and rocket pods, and an internal 200 gallon auxiliary fuel tank system for extended range and endurance.

black hawk b(Lockheed Martin).


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