Raytheon and the U.S. Navy have completed all operational tests for the JSOW C-1 (Joint Standoff Weapon C-1) air-launched, net-enabled weapon, making this newest variant of the guided glide weapon ready for US Navy fleet release and declaration of initial operational capability.

JSOW C-1 includes a Link-16 datalink and maritime moving target capability to provide fleet forces with robust, flexible capability against high-value, stationary land targets. This now includes moving maritime targets at launch ranges of up to 70 nautical miles from both fourth-generation fighters and the fifth-generation Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter jet.

In recent testing, JSOW C-1 weapon engaged simulated combatant ships in a realistic scenario, demonstrating its potency against maritime moving targets.

The addition of the Link 16 datalink to JSOW C-1 allows the launch platform, or alternate controller, to provide real-time target updates to the weapon. In addition to enabling the weapon to hit a moving target,

the upgrade allows controllers to reassign it to a different target while in flight.


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