The International Golden Group (IGG) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently took delivery of initial batch of modified Denel Vehicle Systems RG31 Mk 6E Nyala 4×4 mine-protected vehicles. The vehicles will be modified by IGG to the Agrab Mk 2 mobile mortar carrier configuration prior they are delivered to the UAE Army. The fleet was purchased in June 2015 to complement 73 similar systems ordered in December 2011.

The modification will include installing Singapore Technologies Kinetics SRAMS (Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System) 120mm smooth-bore mortar system, weapon Control and navigation System from iNkwazi Software Systems, two banks of electrically-operated smoke grenade launchers, weather station, climate control system, fire extinguishing system, W& E Platt protected manned weapon station armed with 12.7mm heavy machine gun for self-protection, Leonardo FIN3110 inertial navigation unit, ammunition handling mechanism, auxiliary power unit, wire cutter spare tyre, mine and ballistic protection kit, searchlights and tactical communications.120mm ammunition is supplied by Rheinmetall Denel Munitions.

SAM_9810 b

SAM_9814 b


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