Rheinmetall Defence announced it has won an export order by a military customer from the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region to equip an ultramodern facility where troops can practice combat operations in urban terrain.

A complete ‘training city’ site will be constructed in the customer country. Rheinmetall Defence will equip urban infrastructure specially constructed by the customer with a complete array of simulation technology, creating a high-tech training environment.

Core elements include wireless data and position locating system as well as a control and evaluation centre, to include presentation systems for exercise briefings.

In order to enable realistic training for operations in a complex urban setting, a new ‘city’ was constructed in the customer country precisely for this purpose, consisting of more than 150 buildings. It includes residential districts with multi-storey terraced houses and detached suburban-style villas as well as shopping centres, a school, a hospital, sport facilities, government buildings and embassies. High-rise buildings up to nine storeys tall represent apartment houses, office buildings and hotels. The complex also features a complete urban road network, including bridges across a river.

A virtual simulation system for prior tactical training of leaders also forms part of the package. For sections of the facility where live firing takes place, a video monitoring system will be installed.

Live Simulation b(Rheinmetall Defence).


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