Oshkosh Defense will showcase its JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) and M-ATV (MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle) 4×4 protected vehicles with fully integrated, next generation lethality and networking capabilities at the AUSA Conference 2016.

The JLTV General Purpose variant on display is equipped with an EOS R-400S Mk 2 remote weapon station armed with Orbital ATK M230 LF 30mm automatic gun. The JLTV is available in 2-door and 4-door in JLTV Utility, JLTV General Purpose, JLTV Close Combat Weapons Carrier and JLTV Heavy Guns Carrier configurations.

The M-ATV Assault variant on display is outfitted with a Moog RIwP (Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform) weapon system. The RIwP contains a Javelin anti-tank missile, a M249 machine gun, an M230 LF gun, and a DRS Technologies’ target acquisition sensor suite. M-ATVs are offered in standard and extended wheel base models with M-ATV Special Forces, M-ATV Assault, M-ATV Engineer, M-ATV Command and M-ATV Utility variants.


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