Nexter, a KNDS Group company best known for its services and solutions for land applications is presenting its naval products at EURONAVAL 2016 naval technologies trade show.

The company’s booth stand shows the NARWHAL 20 the remotely-controlled weapon station armed with 20mm automatic cannon. The NARWHAL 20 system which is available in 20A and 20B versions is now fielded by the navies of France, Egypt and Lebanon. Each FREMM frigates of France and Egypt are equipped with two NARWHAL 20B systems. As part of the modernization program of French three Mistral-class BPC amphibious assault ships (FS Mistral, FS Tonnerre and FS Dixmude), two NARWHAL 20B systems are being installed. The NARWHAL 20 also is equipped with electro-optical payload by EXAVISION.

The stand also presents the group’s full range of naval ammunition from 20mm to 127mm. The group´s ammunition division is comprised of subsidiaries Nexter Munitions, MECAR and Simmel Difesa.

One VBCI 8×8 combat armored t vehicle fitted out with a T25 turret armed with 25mm automatic cannon is being displayed on a trackway produced by the French firm Musthane.


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