The Italian armored vehicles house Società Consortile Iveco – OTO Melara (OTO Melara is now designated as Leonardo) has recently officially unveiled the prototype of its Centauro II wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicle. The latest version of its Centauro 8×8 vehicles offers power, observation, mobility, ergonomic, fire accuracy and power, communication and survivability capabilities.

The vehicle featuring “V” shaped protected hull with armored add-on and a ballistic protected modular turret system is equipped with fully digital architecture, ATTILA II panoramic sight, C4ISTAR command and control system, the Lothar SD gunner sight, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, six digital tactical radios, the SICCONA battle management system, the remotely-controlled weapon station Hitrole Light armed with 12.7mm heavy machine gun, a H3 jamming kit to prevent the remote activation of improvised explosive devices, and the 120/45 mm gun mounted to HITFACT protected turret.
Italy is considering to procure the type.

The first generation of VBM Centauro vehicle is in service with the military of Italy, Spain, Jordan and Oman.

The HITFACT turret also allows installation of 105mm cannon.

body_1_w-b(Centauro, Leonardo).

original_img_20161019_113524544_g-b(Centauro, Leonardo).


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