Saab Dynamics is proposing its Bamse ground-based medium-range mobile air defence system to the Brazilian Armed Forces. The Bamse system is currently fielded by the Swedish military.

The system was designed to engage manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft, cruise missiles, anti-radiation missiles and precision guided bombs. It is fully protected against NBC agents.

A typical battery of the Bamse system is comprised of three firing units and a single anti-aircraft artillery operations centre. The firing unit consist of a two-axle trailer with body to where six launchers for ready-to-fire Bamse missiles and one 8m mast-mounted Ka-band fire control radar where installed. A truck-mounted configuration of Bamse also is offered. Guidance of the missile is achieved through automatic command to line of sight mode.

The misisle offering 20km effective range includes proximity, command uplink and impact fuse and fragmentation and shaped charge warhead.

The firing unit also includes automatic climate control unit, communications and associated antennas, NBC protection kit, integrated power supply unit, weather sensor, thermal imaging system, and identification friend or foe antenna.

The air defence missile system provides coverage of up to 1500 km2 (2,100 km2 with several firing units) and maximum altitude coverage of 15000m.

For training, the Bamse is equipped with embedded simulator. However, a separate fixed simulation system is available for training of firing and coordination tasks.

The vehicle-mounted mobile anti-aircraft coordination centre which is equipped with multi-function consoles designed to run command and control software, power supply unit and communication systems can be linked to an air surveillance radar system for coordination tasks including the C-band Giraffe AMB 3D phased array multi-role surveillance radar.

The Bamse was seen integrated to Ashok Leyland Super Stallion 8×8 high-mobility truck.

_m8r5761-srsam-b(Bamse, Saab Dynamics).

bamse-srsam-1-b(C-band Giraffe AMB 3D, Saab Dynamics).


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