Rheinmetall Defense and Airbus Defence & Space officially transferred the CHT-E (Cargo Hold Trainer – Enhanced) training system for the A400M military transport aircraft to the Royal Air Force (RAF) on October 20 at a formal handover ceremony.

This training system is located in the National Training Centre at the RAF station in Brize Norton.

Airbus Defence & Space contracted with Rheinmetall Defense to supply training simulators to several European air forces for the A400M transport aircraft. The prime mission of the CHT-E is to enable realistic training for cargo hold and ground personnel without needing to use the original equipment. Training options include mission-specific reconfiguration of the cargo hold, preparation for loading, loading and unloading, standard operating procedures while in flight and on the ground, and cooperation between multiple crews.

The CHT-E is an exact replica of the A400M cargo hold, encompassing all of the operator interfaces, control stations and technical features of the original equipment, right down to the last detail. The package also includes an instructor control station, where exercises can be prepared, monitored and evaluated.

In July 2015, Rheinmetall Defense transferred a CHT-E to the German Air Force. The first CHT-E has been in operation at the Airbus International Training Centre (ITC) in Seville, Spain since September 2013.

Along with the CHT-E, Rheinmetall Defense has also supplied related items of equipment such as the Load Master Work Station Trainer, or LMWST. This system has been in service since November 2012 at the ITC in Seville, and since September 2013 at France’s national A400M training centre in Orléans. In the third quarter of 2014, another LMWST was supplied to the Royal Air Force National Training Centre in Brize Norton.


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