The Budget Committee of the German Parliament approved the procurement of five additional K130 combat corvettes for the German Navy.

The German Navy currently field five Braunschweig-class K130 modular corvettes that were locally built by Fr. Lürssen Werft and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), comprising FGS Braunschweig, FGS Magdeburg, FGS Erfurt, FGS Oldenburg and FGS Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

They are armed with Leonardo Compact 76mm artillery system, RIM-116 RAM close-in weapon systems, RBS 15 Mk 3 anti-ship missiles, 27mm MLG 27 remote-controlled weapon stations and MASS decoy launchers. Main sensors include TRS-3D surveillance and search radar and Mirador electro-optical fire control systems.

The design displaces 1,840 t and measure 89.12 m in length. First-of-class FGS Braunschweig was commissioned in 2008.

opv_braunschweig-k130-class-braunschweig-f260-5_pizm-b(Braunschweig-class K130, TKMS).


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