BAE Systems’ Artisan 3D radar system has completed three years of sea-based trials on the Royal Navy’s Duke-class Type 23 frigates. Artisan 3D radar has also been fitted on HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

The radar, which can monitor more than 800 objects simultaneously from 200 to 200,000 meters away – and cut through radio interference equal to 10,000 mobile phone signals – has undertaken sea trials across multiple Royal Navy frigates since 2013.

Under a £105 million contact BAE Systems will develop, manufacture and provide support for 19 of the radars for the Royal Navy until 2022. The nineteenth radar has now completed factory acceptance testing and all 19 radars will be delivered to the British Ministry of Defence by mid-2017.

Artisan will also be installed on the second of the new aircraft carriers HMS Prince of Wales, a further two frigates and a landing platform dock assault ship.

rs37885_cs070515-19-dsei-0234-lpr-b(Artisan 3D radar, BAE Systems).


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