Thales Training & Simulation (TTS )has won the CERBERE (Centres d’Entraînement Représentatifs des espaces de Bataille Et de Restitution des Engagements) contract to upgrade the instrumentation for the French Army’s live combat training centres.

The new system will be installed at the CENZUB urban combat training facility in Sissonne and CENTAC training camp in Mailly-le-Camp.

The French defence procurement agency, the Direction Générale de l´Armement (DGA) awarded the contract to TTS and its partner RUAG Defence France on 30 December 2016.

CERBERE will simultaneously train three sub-combined arms tactical groups of the Armée de Terre, the so-called SGTIA (Sous-Groupements Tactiques Interarmes) or 1000 personnel and 250 armored and unprotected vehicles during 96 hours.

CERBERE furnishes participants with tracking and simulation instruments. Pyrotechnic devices and smoke grenades are used intensively to simulate real battlefield conditions.

aisne-ecpad-b(CERBERE, TTS).


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