NIMR Automotive of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) displayed its Ajban 440A light tactical protected vehicle at International Armored Vehicles 2017 event held in London late in January 2017.

The 4×4 design feature 296 hp 6.7 l diesel engine coupled to 6-speed automatic transmission, provisions for communications, air conditioning system, central tyre inflation system, mine and ballistic protection suite, electrical power management system, self-recovery winch and self-sealing protected fuel tank. Optionally, it can be equipped with battery management system, remote-controlled weapon station, machine gun mount, smoke grenade launchers, slat armour kit, fire suppression system and NBC protection unit.

Ajban 444A offers a gross weight of 10,200 kg, payload of 1,200 kg, length of 5,600 mm, width of 2,350 mm, height of 2,350 mm, top speed of 110 km/h and maximum range of 700 km for a crew of 4.

dsc00285-b(Ajban 444A, NIMR Automotive).


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