The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter jet has conducted its first firing trials of the MBDA ASRAAM (Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile) air-to-air combat missile.

Conducted from both Naval Air Station Patuxent River and Edwards Air Force Base in the USA, the effort has seen both flight trials and air-launched firings of the ASRAAM take place.

MBDA is currently under contract, awarded in 2016, to produce the infra-red guided air-to-air missile for the United Kingdom’s F-35s Lightning II aircraft.

The trials were conducted by the integrated test teams at Patuxent and Edwards, which include Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, MBDA and Northrop Grumman.

MBDA is also under contract for the ASRAAM capability sustainment programme to build replenishment missiles for the Royal Air Force’s Typhoon aircraft. The capability sustainment programme effort makes use of ASRAAM’s commonality with the CAMM missile family, also being bought by the Royal Navy and British Army.



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