The first Short Take-Off/Vertical Landing fighter Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II assembled outside the United States rolled out of the Final Assembly and Check Out (FACO) facility in Cameri, Italy.

The Italian FACO is owned by the Italian Ministry of Defense and is operated by Leonardo in conjunction with Lockheed Martin.

The jet’s first flight is anticipated in late August and it is programmed to be delivered to the Italian Ministry of Defense in November. In addition, two Italian F-35A Lightning II aircraft will deliver from Cameri this year, the first by July and the second in the fourth quarter. To date, seven F-35A Lightning IIs have been delivered from Cameri. Four are based at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, for pilot training and three are at Amendola Air Base.

The next Italian F-35B Lightning II jet is scheduled for delivery in November 2018. The Cameri FACO is programmed to produce 30 F-35B Lightning II and 60 F-35A Lightning II jets for Italy, along with 29 F-35A Lightning IIs for the Netherlands.

The Italian FACO is also producing 835 full wing sets to support all customers in the program.

(F35 A, Lockheed Martin).


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