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Saab Dynamics has received an order from Estonia to deliver for additional gunnery training simulators. The systems will be used by the mechanised brigade, at the regiments and at the infantry school. The Estonian Armed Forces ordered the first laser simulators for gunnery and combat training in 2008.

The contract includes BT46 systems for the CV9035 infantry fighting vehicle, Carl-Gustaf man-portable anti-armour weapon as well as several infantry simulators up to company level. For control and monitoring of exercises, Saab’s new Manpack 300 product is used. Additionally, a five-year support contract is included.

(Gunnery training simulators, Saab Dynamics).

The Government of Canada has awarded Thales a contract for in-service support, refit, repair, maintenance and training to both AOPS (Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships) and JSS (Joint Support Ship) surface vessels being built for Royal Canadian Navy.

Known as AJISS, the contract includes an initial service period of eight years for up to CAD800 million with options to extend services up to 35 years, for a total value of CAD5.2 billion.

(AOPS, Irving Shipbuilding Inc.).

HENSOLDT has taken over EuroAvionics GmbH, a supplier of avionics systems for helicopters and unmanned aircraft systems.

RADA Electronic Industries announced it had received a first order for dozens of MHR (Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar) ground-based air surveillance radar systems from the US Military. Totaling over $8 million, this order will be delivered during 2017.

The radars will provide air surveillance with an emphasis to counter unmanned air craft systems.

MHR family of radar systems are S-band, software-defined, pulse-Doppler, active electronically scanned array radars.

(MHR, RADA Electronic Industries).

Mandus Group has teamed with the US wheeled armoured vehicles specialist AM General and integrated the Hawkeye self-propelled artillery system to a M1152A1w/B2 HMMWV 4×4 protected tactical vehicle.

It includes a 105mm gun with inertial navigation system and sighting system mounted to the wheeled carrier.

The Hawkeye weapon system was earlier seen mounted into a Renault Trucks Defense/Mack Defence Sherpa Light Carrier 4×4 unprotected vehicle.

(Hawkeye self-propelled artillery system, Mandus Group).

(Hawkeye self-propelled artillery system, Mandus Group).

The US defence contractors General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) and Boeing have jointly developed an 8×8 armoured vehicle mounted (SHORAD) system. The mobile weapon system designated as the Stryker MSL (Maneuver SHORAD Launcher) system is comprised of a modified GDLS Stryker wheeled armored combat vehicle equipped with a modernized version of the remote-controlled Boeing AN/TWQ-1 Avenger air defence turret with payload such as armament, onboard target acquisition radar system, electronic warfare suite and EO/IR sensor.

As armament, the turret can equipped with Hellfire, S tinger, AIM-9X Sidewinder or Longbow Hellfire missiles, rockets, multiple machine guns or later a 30mm M230 Bushmaster automatic cannon, amongst other.

(Stryker MSL, GDLS).

(Stryker MSL, GDLS).

Russia and Indonesia have signed a memorandum of understanding in Moscow on 4 August for acquisition of 11 Su-35 fighter jets for the Indonesian Air Force in exchange for Indonesian palm oil, tea, coffee, and other goods.

A final contract may be signed by the end of the year.