At Eurosatory 2016 defence and security event to be held in Paris, France June 13-17, the local firm Musthane presents its new generation of Mustmove DFP roll-up recovery mats.

Mustmove DFP mats allow armoured and unarmoured vehicles to be freed from sand or mud thanks to their anti-skid surface. They are flexible, roll-up mats designed with high-resistance textiles coated with a special polymer.

The mats are delivered in a kit comprising two flexible mats, and an anchor set comprised of an aluminium anchor, a high-strength soft strap and an anchor setting and blocking device.

This allows the anchor points to be installed quickly and easily, with no danger to wheels if they drive over the anchors, contrary to metal studs. Installation and removal of the anchor takes less than a minute.

Vehicle Recovery DFP 01 b(Musthane).

Vehicle Recovery DFP 10 b


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The U.S. Army awarded LONGBOW Limited Liability Company a USD57.1 million foreign military sale contract to provide the Indian Air Force with LONGBOW fire control radar systems for their AH-64E Apache attack helicopters. LONGBOW LLC is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Limited Liability Company and Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Under this contract, USD57.1 million is obligated to LONGBOW Limited Liability Company with a total value not to exceed USD116.7 million. The contract covers the production of twelve LONGBOW systems and spares for India. Production will extend through early 2019.

The LONGBOW fire control system enables aircrews to automatically detect, locate, classify and prioritize targets. It enables rapid, multi-target engagement in all weather, over multiple terrains and through battlefield obscurants

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CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd and CONTROP USA are introducing new generation of T-STAMP (Triple-STAbilizedMiniature Payload) day/night gyro-stabilized miniature sensor.

The new T-STAMP observation system provides higher resolution image that allows for longer range operations. The system was designed for small unmanned aircraft systems, vertical take-off and landing systems, hovering aerial systems, aerostats and other lightweight aircraft.

It maintains the same low weight of 3.3 kg with an improved infrared camera which has a cooled detector and optical zoom lens of 180 mm, therefore providing two thirds better focal length in the same lightweight three gimbal package. It includes a cooled infrared camera with a continuous zoom lens, a day camera and an optional laser pointer all in a compact camera payload which can be mounted in nose-mount, belly-mount or top-mount configurations.

CONTROP T-STAMP on Bluebird SpyLite b(CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd).

CONTROP T-STAMP TAKING OFF on Aeronautics Orbiter 3 b(CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd).

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Turkish privately-controlled shipbuilder SEDEF Gemi Inşaatı has launched the building phase of TCG Anadolu landing platform dock (LPD) for the Turkish Naval Forces Command on April 30 at its shipyard located in the Tuzla District of Istanbul. The event was presided by Turkish head of State Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The ship is based on BPE (Buque de Proyección Estratégica) design of Spanish shipbuilder Navantia. SEDEF Gemi Inşaatı was awarded the contract to build the amphibious ship by the country´s armament procurement arm (SSM) in May 2015.

Turkish state-run companies Aselsan and HAVELSAN will deliver a wide range of systems for the ship.

Its self-protection suite will include Raytheon Phalanx Block 1B and Aselsan STAMP and STOP close-in weapon systems. Other major fittings include Thales Nederland SMART-S Mk 2 3D search radar and HAVELSAN GENESIS-Advent combat management system.

Turkey is the third country to select the BPE design, after Spain and Australia have purchased one and two units respectively.

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The U.S. firm Lockheed Martin Mission System and Training together with the Republic of Korea shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) have signed a comprehensive teaming agreement to partner on the MCS (Multi-mission Combat Ship) combat surface ship, which is based on a hull design by DSME and intended for the corvette market.

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The Nicaraguan Army will eventually receive a batch of 50 T-72B1 main battle tanks that were originally fielded by the Russian Army.

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The U.S. Air Force (USAF) awarded Raytheon aUSD$90 million first-lot production contract for the next-generation Multi-Spectral Targeting System. The AN/DAS-4, the latest variant of the MT family of sensors, incorporates greater fire control and target location accuracy technology for precise coordinates.

MTS sensors provide detailed intelligence data from the visual and infrared spectra. The new MTS variant allows mission commanders to use high definition data from an airborne tactical sensor to identify and engage targets with much greater accuracy, significantly improving overall mission effectiveness.

The AN/DAS-4 system incorporates other major improvements, including: four high definition cameras covering five spectral bands; a three-color diode pump laser designator/rangefinder; laser spot search and track capability; automated sensor and laser bore sight alignment; three mode target tracker; and built in provisions for future growth.

unnamed b(Raytheon).

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