The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on 10 April in Paris per occasion of a state visit to France he had asked the French authorities to supply his air force with 36 Dassault Aviation Rafale combat aircraft.

India selected first to procure 126 of the French built aircraft as part of the country´s MMRCA program, with 18 produced in France and the remaining units built in India by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) under transfer of technology by France. It is understood the Asian nation is now considering procuring the aircraft signing different contracts over the next years.

France recently won a deal from Egypt to deliver 24 Rafale aircraft produced by Dassault Aviation and partners such as Thales, Safran and MBDA.

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The Swedish firm SAAB will display a full-scale replica of Gripen NG fighter at LAAD Defence & Security 2015 international event to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The replica represent the aircraft that will be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force from 2019.

The company also will shows a cockpit simulator and will highlight its Sea Gripen concept for a new multi-role fighter.

SAAB Aeronautics won a contract on 24 de October 2014 to deliver 36 Gripen NG aircraft to Brazil, together with radar, electronic warfare equipment wide area display, flight simulators and logistics.

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The Spanish shipbuilder Navantia and the Colombian shipbuilder COTECMAR (Corporación de Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo de la Industria Naval, Marítima y Fluvial) have firmed a cooperation agreement with the aim to develop potential cooperation.

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Raytheon Missile Systems and Kongsberg Defense Systems have formed a teaming agreement intended for the NSM (Naval Strike Missile) naval attack missile system. Both formed a similar agreement last year to develop the JSM (Joint Strike Missile), the air-launched version of the NSM missile.

NSM is the main weapon for combat frigates and corvettes of the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN). It is also fielded by Poland for coastal defense (truck-mounted configuration).

The NSM was test-fired from the United States Navy’s Coronado littoral combat ship in September 2014.

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Raytheon Missile System announced the U.S. Air Force completed testing and fielded the AIM-120D AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile) air-to-air missile. The U.S. Navy achieved initial operational capability on the weapon.

With the Air Force, the missile was subjected to several scenarios designed to represent realistic combat conditions.

The initial operational capability follows extensive flight testing, where the U.S. Navy integrated and tested the missile on the Boeing’s F/A-18 Hornet and the F/A-18 Super Hornet combat aircraft. The U.N. Navy plans to deploy it later this year.

The AIM-120D AMRAAM missile system has significant capability improvements, including increased range, GPS-aided navigation, two-way data link and improved weapons effectiveness.

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The Malaysian authorities awarded the local company Boustead DCNS Naval Corporation (BDNC) a contract for through-life support for the two Scorpène 2000 attack submarines of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN).

The deal signed at the end of March will remain in force until end of May 2017. The Tunku Abdul Rahman should start its period of unavailability for major repair and overhaul in November 2015 and the Tun Razak in June 2017.

The contract also covers the operation and maintenance of the industrial infrastructures dedicated to the maintenance of the submarines based at the Sepanggar naval base.

BDNC is a joint venture between French shipbuilder DCNS and Malaysian shipbuilder Boustead Heavy Industries Corp Bhd (BHIC).

These two diesel-electric powered submarines were delivered by DCNS to the RMN in January and October 2009 respectively.


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Thales Nederland has signed a contract with German vehicle specialist firm Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia to supply the company’s SOTAS Lite vehicular digital intercom system for integration into tactical trucks being acquired for the Australian Defence Forces.

As part of the Land 121 Phase 3B project set up by the Australian DMO procurement arm, up to 2,536 medium and heavy category logistic trucks are being acquired. It includes protected vehicles, for operational deployment and tactical training, and unprotected vehicles for tactical training purposes only.

SOTAS b Thales

(Thales Nederland).

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