AgustaWestland has signed a contract with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence covering the third five year period of the 25-year IMOS (Integrated Merlin Operational Support) contract.

The contract worth approximately £580 million provides a comprehensive availability based support package for the British fleet of AW101 Merlin helicopters for the period 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2020..

The helicopters supported by the IMOS contract comprise the 30 Merlin HM Mk.2 multi-role maritime helicopters and the 25 Merlin HC Mk.3/3A transport helicopters of the Royal Navy.

The Merlin HC Mk.3/3A helicopters are being converted by AgustaWestland to Mk.4/4A standard for amphibious support operations under the MLSP (Merlin Life Sustainment Programme) contract of January 2014.

In March 2006 AgustaWestland was awarded the IMOS contract to increase the availability of helicopters. AgustaWestland has partnered with TSS (Total Support Services), an alliance between Selex ES, Thales UK, GE Aviation and the DECA (Defence Electronics and Components Agency), to support air vehicle avionics and with Lockheed Martin UK to provide support for the Merlin HM Mk.2’s mission and training systems.

AW1258 Royal Navy Merlin Mk2 b(AgustaWestland).

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Raytheon Missile Systems signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with Polish firm MESKO SA.

Areas of cooperation focus on Raytheon Missile Systems’ solutions eventually intended for the Polish KRAB 155mm self-propelled artillery howitzer and future Polish attack helicopter, including offset proposals and opportunities for MESKO SA.

The agreement focuses on the production and future capabilities co-development of Excalibur 155 mm precision projectile and the TALON laser guided rocket, which was co-developed with United Arab Emirates industry. Additionally, both the companies will explore the potential for collaboration on a next generation anti-armor weapon and a very short range air defense weapon.

Previously, Raytheon Missile Systems signed an LOI with MESKO SA to cooperate on opportunities related to Poland’s air defense architecture.

Raytheon Missile Systems is proposing its Patriot land-based mobile air defence system to Poland.

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Lockheed Martin Space Systems has selected the MHR (Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar) radar system of RADA Electronic Industries to support internally funded high energy laser weapon system prototype testing. The radar will be used in combination with other sensors.

The MHR S-Band, software-defined, pulse-doppler, active electronically scanned array radar provides multiple missions on each radar platform, and offers performance-to-price ratio. It is compact and mobile, delivering ideal organic, tactical surveillance solutions for force and border protection applications such as counter rockets and mortars, counter unmanned aerial systems, ground moving target indicator, air surveillance, and more.

RADA-MHR_1b(RADA Electronic Industries).

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Renault Trucks Defense (Volvo Group Governmental Sales) revealed it has delivered several trucks to the French Armed Forces including 25 C380 6×4 tucks to partially replace the G290 VTL truck with further 20 soon to be delivered. The company also supplied 9 K430P 6×6 water tank trucks and 4 K460P trucks. All the vehicles were purchased by the French public procurement grouping UGAP (Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics).

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Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Berhad (BHIC) signed an agreement to acquire a 30% percent in the simulation center run by Airbus Helicopters Simulation Center in Malaysia.

The simulation facility January 2013 houses a full-flight simulator for the H225 and H225M helicopter types. The training site was set up as part of Airbus Helicopters’ contract to provide twelve H225M medium tactical transport helicopters (formerly known as the EC725) to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

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Airbus Defence and Space is joining forces with the South Korean firm Huneed Technologies to provide the new Korean Surion military utility helicopter with advanced missile warning systems. The companies signed a cooperation agreement aiming at Huneed Technologies to produce core electronics components of Airbus Defence and Space MILDS (Missile Launch Detection System) missile warning system.

Since 2007, Airbus Defence and Space had been awarded several contracts reaching a multi-million dollar figure by Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) and Korea Aerospace Industries to develop and manufacture the missile warning system.

MILDS is a passive imaging sensor, detecting the UV radiation signature of approaching missiles.

MILDS NH90 b(Airbus Defence and Space).

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Thales has delivered the first of two further AMASCOS mission systems to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF). Thales is delivering AMASCOS to support the conversion of four Beech 200 aircraft of the RMAF to a maritime surveillance platform, due to enter service next year.

The Thales AMASCOS mission system delivers maritime surveillance, airborne maritime patrol and ground surveillance capability. It can accommodate a number of high definition sensors (optical, radar, acoustic, electronic support measures) and integrate the data into a comprehensive yet easy to operate maritime situational awareness picture.

Users are able to focus on the task in hand, and remain one step ahead of the actions of those under their surveillance.

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