The modernisation of air traffic control at German military airfields through the installation of the ASR-S radar system by Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security has gained in momentum. The delivery of an ASR system to the German Air Force’s technical training centre South at Lagerlechfeld Air Base near Augsburg and to the technical centre WTD 61 in Manching means that the fifth and sixth unit of altogether 20 radar systems have now been delivered.

The ASR systems will replace the 30-year-old radars which have been used until now in military air traffic control. The new radars will be used for approach control at the airfields themselves and for airspace surveillance within a radius of 100 km to coordinate military flight movements with civil air traffic. The ASR-S is already in service at Laupheim, Büchel and Wittmund as well as at Niederstetten.

The ASR consists of a primary and a secondary radar system. The MSSR 2000 I secondary radar is also deployed by the naval forces of Germany, France, Norway and Finland for military friend-or-foe identification.

radar(ASR-S radar system, Airbus DS Electronics).

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MBDA has been awarded a contract by the UAE Navy to supply additional Marte MK2/N anti-ship missiles for high-speed multi-role combat vessels. Each combat vessel will be equipped with four quad launchers for Marte Mk 2/N guided missiles.

This is a follow on to the contract signed in February 2009 for the supply of Marte MK2/N missiles.

The Marte Mk 2/N missile is able to strike targets at ranges in excess of 30 km, flying a fire-and-forget sea-skimming profile using mid-course inertial guidance and active radar homing.

imagem1(Marte MK2/N, MBDA).

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The German company Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH (FFG) recently said it PMMC G5 (Protected Mission Module Carrier G5) tracked modular armoured vehicle is ready for production.

The PMMC G5 is available personnel carrier, command post, engineering, mortar carrier, recovery with dozer blade, cargo and ambulance versions. The vehicle can accommodate up to twelve personnel.

It can be equipped with remote-controlled weapon station, communications, periscopes, ergonomic and blast resistant seats, 360◦ situational awareness system, fully integrated NBC and air conditioning system, driver’s front and rear cameras, lightweight protection against RPGs, fire suppression system, modular ballistic protection system, and integrated mine and IED protection suite,

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Oshkosh Defense is displaying a JLTV 4×4 light tactical vehicle at IDEX 2017 show being held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The JLTV General Purpose variant on display is equipped with an EOS R-400S-MK2 remote-controlle weapon station armed with Orbital ATK M230 LF 30 mm lightweight automatic chain gun.

The JLTV vehicle is available in 2-door and 4-door models in the JLTV Utility, JLTV General Purpose, JLTV Close Combat Weapons Carrier and JLTV Heavy Guns Carrier configurations. It has been ordered by the US Army and USMC and has been selected by the United Kingdom.

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Nexter Systems (part of KNDS Group) announced it has been awarded a contract from Indonesia to supply further 18 CAESAR truck-mounted self-propelled 155mm artillery systems to the Indonesian Armed Forces.

Nexter Systems won an initial contract in 2012 to supply 36 CAESAR artillery systems to Indonesia.

The French company will also provide FINDART firing control system, simulators for training and over 50 artillery battalion auxiliary vehicles PT Pindad.

The CAESAR artillery system is in service with the armed forces of France, Indonesia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

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Nexter Systems is displaying a Leclerc main battle tank of the UAE at IDEX 2017 event being held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The French company also is presenting a VBCI 8×8 armoured vehicle, the 40CTAS (Cased Telescoped Armament System) 40mm weapon system for turrets, and the ARX 25 remote-controlled weapon station armed with 25mm automatic cannon.

The Leclerc battle tank is featured together with some new equipment, including a remote controlled-weapon station from KMW, a new commander sight, and a new vision system

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French company ECA Group announced the creation of its subsidiary ECA Middle East in Abu Dhabi.

Several ECA Group systems are already in service in the Middle East countries, including the PAP mine disposal vehicle, the IT180 unmanned air vehicle, MVS simulator and CAMELEON unmanned ground vehicle.

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