Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS) has been awarded a contract by QinetiQ Limited of the United Kingdom to deliver several self-protection systems based on the company’s MUSS (MUltifunctional Self-protection System) vehicle-mounted active protection system. The systems will be evaluated in the frame of the “Medusa” programme launched by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) on behalf of the British Ministry of Defence to analyse an active protection system for armoured vehicles.

The technical assessments will quantify how well the system performs against a range of weapon systems, and will also include a BAE Systems integration of the MUSS system onto a Challenger 2 main battle tank to demonstrate potential future capability.

The MUSS system is today integrated in the serial production of the German Army’s Puma infantry fighting vehicle.

The warning sensors detect approaching missiles and laser beams aimed at the vehicle. The central unit activates an infrared jammer which interferes with missiles’ guidance systems and/or initiates the use of pyrotechnic countermeasures. The missile warning sensor is based on the MILDS AN/AAR-60 missile warning system.

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Airbus Defence and Space has demonstrated the capability of the A400M military airlifter to operate on a sand runway – the last of three unprepared types of surface on which it will be certified.

The tests using the development aircraft MSN2 took place over a three week period in August on a specially constructed airstrip at Woodbridge, United Kingdom.

A final week of tests will include operations at increasingly higher weights. The aircraft demonstrated performance in taxing maneuvers, such as U-turns, and during take-off and landing on the 1,600m strip. These tests followed earlier results on the gravel surface at Ablitas in Spain and a grass runway at Écury in France.

MA 24082016 b(Airbus Defence and Space).

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HMS Brocklesby (M33), one of the Royal Navy’s eight Hunt-class minehunters, has had her engines renewed after 33 years of service. In addition to the installation of the new Caterpillar engines, the deep maintenance work on HMS Brocklesby by BAE Systems includes replacing control systems and overhauling generators in order to extend her service life for another 15 to 20 years.

The ship’s crew will also benefit from upgrades and refurbishment to the galley. The deep maintenance period of HMS Brocklesby is scheduled for completion in 2017.

RS47490_CM011316 - HMS Brocklesby - B(BAE Systems).

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The US State Department has made a determination approving a possible foreign military sale to the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) for precision guided munitions, equipment, and support for an estimated cost is USD231 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified US Congress of this possible sale on 09 August.

NSPA has requested a possible sale of precision guided munitions for subsequent retransfer to the air forces of Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and Spain.

Included are 500 KMU-556 F/B joint direct attack munition guidance kits; 40 KMU-557 F/B joint direct attack munition guidance kits; 1,500 KMU-572 F/B joint direct attack munition guidance kits; 1000 MAU 210 E/B computer control groups for 1,000-lb Enhanced Paveway II laser-guided bomb; 300 MAU 210 E/B computer control groups for GBU-49 precision guided kit; 1025 MAU 169 L/B computer control groups for GBU-12 precision guided kit; 1350 FMU-152 A/B joint programmable fuzes; 60 MXU-650 K/B bomb fin assembly and airfoil group for GBU-12s; 1025 MXU-650 K/B AFGs for GBU-12s, as well as DSU-38A/B laser sensors; DSU-33D/B proximity sensors; wireless Paveway avionics kit interfaces for Enhanced Paveway IIs; and FMU-139C/B electronic bomb fuzes.

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Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services has been awarded a subcontract valued up to USD104 million to modernize the ground segment for the U.S. Air Force Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft. The US company partners with Northrop Grumman as the ground integrator for RQ-4 Global Hawk contracts.

Raytheon will develop and install building-based mission control stations at Beale Air Force Base and Grand Forks Air Force Base. The new stations will replace the current, shelter-based, mission control and launch & recovery elements.

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Northrop Grumman Mission Systems has been awarded a contract from Germany firm OHB System AG to supply the space inertial reference system for Germany’s SARah satellite-based radar reconnaissance system.

Northrop Grumman will supply its Scalable Space Inertial Reference Unit-L (Scalable SIRU-L) for sensor pointing/stabilization and attitude control on the SARah satellite-based radar reconnaissance system.

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Elbit Systems of America hosted an unmanned aircraft systems field day on August 22, at the Hillsboro Regional Airport to highlight its recent Hermes 450 aircraft flights over North Dakota.

Equipped with advanced sensors and high resolution cameras, such as the Vision Map A3 Edge and the Elbit Systems Compass electro-optical and infrared payload, the Hermes 450 is capable of covering 40,000 acres in one hour and can remain in flight for 17 hours.

North Dakota UAS FIeld Day-Hermes 450 B(Elbit Systems of America).

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