The Equatorial Guinea acquired has reportedly purchased two C-295 military transport aircraft from Airbus Defence and Space. One will be configured for tactical transport and the second for maritime surveillance role within the African nation.

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The British Army’s 32t BAE Systems Land (UK) Terrier armoured tracked multirole engineer vehicle has been fitted with new technologies and systems. The updated vehicle offers a new telescopic investigation arm and the ability to wade through two metre wave surges.

The telescopic investigation arm extends over 8m from the vehicle allowing crews to probe and unearth buried devices from a safe distance. Additionally, the vehicle can now be exported with a rock hammer, ripper and earth augur. The hammer can split rocks and penetrate concrete, while the ripper can tear up roads or runways, preventing their use. The earth augur can drill holes for use in combat engineering.

A recently trialled sub-surface mine plough can penetrate to recognised safe depths while travelling at up to 15km/h, quickly creating a path free of mines and improvised explosive devices.

The vehicle is interoperable with BAE Systems’ Python rocket propelled minefield breaching system – which can instantly clear a 200m-long path through minefields using an explosive-filled hose.

Terrier vehicle is in service with the British Army since 2013,

RS28325_TERRIER-LARGE-02 b(BAE Systems Land).

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Schiebel Elektronische Geraete and the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), the Netherlands Coastguard and the Royal Netherlands Air Force conducted a series of flights with a newly developed airborne Detect and Avoid System at the airport of Den Helder in December 2015.

The AIRICA (ATM Innovative RPAS Integration for Coastguard Applications) project marks a major step forward in the process of safe integration of unmanned aircraft into all classes of airspace.

During a special demonstration held at De Kooy Airfield in Den Helder, Schiebel Elektronische Geraete provided it´s unmanned helicopter, the CAMCOPTER S-100, onto which the NLR developed AirScout Detect and Avoid System was installed. The Netherlands Coastguard provided a Dornier Do-228 aircraft as “intruder” and the Royal Netherlands Air Force contributed with an Alouette III helicopter as “intruder”, and provided the Air Traffic Control services.

Several scenarios were executed where the CAMCOPTER S-100 “unexpectedly” encountered an intruder aircraft. The system then determined in real time the corrective action to ensure the necessary separation from the intruder aircraft.

The AIRICA project is funded through the European SESAR programme (part of the Single European Sky initiative) and the key focus – integration of an unmanned aircraft into the airspace for Netherlands Coast Guard´s applications – was demonstrated during the flights.

CAMCOPTER_S-100_AIRICA b(Schiebel Elektronische Geraete).

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RUAG Defence has won an international tender for the new technology shooting simulator for the Stgw 90 assault rifle (SSim Stgw 90 NT) of the Swiss Army. The contract to manufacture the shooting simulator, which gives a realistic representation of combat behaviour, was signed late of 2015.

The SSim Stgw 90 NT (Schiesssimulator zum Sturmgewehr 90 Neue Technologie), which is Based on Gladiator G11 technology is part of the RP15 armaments program. The shooting simulator for the Stgw 90 assault rifle, used since 1993, will be replaced by SSim Stgw 90 NT. The Swiss Army is acquiring 500 sets of 10 SSim Stgw 90 NT, including accessories and logistics.

With the SSim Stgw 90 NT system, shooting simulations can be conducted in reciprocal exercises to give a realistic impression of combat situations without the need for live shooting.

Gladiator b(RUAG Defence).

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Nexter System displayed the company’s VBCI-2 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle at Defence IQ’s International Armoured Vehicles 2016 event held 25-28 January in London.

The vehicle was seen equipped with OPTSYS ViPer local situational awareness system, FN Herstal ARROWS remote-controlled weapon station armed with 12.7mm heavy machine gun, and Nexter Mechanics’ PG-GUARD slat-armour protection kit.

2016-01-26 09.55.54 b

VBCI-2 - b Nexter(Nexter System).

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Jordan firm King Abdullah II Design And Development Bureau (KADDB) has recently unveiled a 8×8 wheeled armoured concept.

The design feature an average combat weight of 25t, length of 8.5m, width of 2.8m, height of 2.7m, top speed of 100km/h and range of 700km. Fittings include independent tetra back bone suspension, 8×8 driveline and 4-wheel steering system.

f b(KADDB).

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Elbit Systems ISTAR has developed the Skylark 3 mini-unmanned aircraft system, best suited for brigades and divisions aimed to perform reconnaissance, counterinsurgency and force protection missions, as well as for use in a range of civil applications, such as border and coastal security and anti-terror operations. The new system has already been selected by an undisclosed customer.

Skylark 3 offers a wide range of system enhancements, including a range of more than 100km, flight endurance of up to 6h and payload capacity of up to 10kg. Launched via a pneumatic launcher, mounted either on the ground or on a vehicle, Skylark 3 offers upgrades such as improved payloads with better target detection, classification and surveillance capabilities.

The vehicle incorporates an electric motor which reduces sound signature and enables operating over long distances and at high altitudes, has a 4.8m wingspan and a maximum takeoff weight of 45kg. It has a service ceiling of 15,000ft.

Through a shared ground control station, two air vehicles can be assigned to the same mission simultaneously, meaning a consistent target acquisition is maintained from two aspects.

SK3 b(Elbit Systems ISTAR).

SK-3 b(Elbit Systems ISTAR).

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